PATIENT TESTIMONIALS - The Chinese Acupuncture Offce TOKYO

Traveling alone from Sendai for the treatments (Yoshiko Ushio)

It has been five years since I moved to Sendai, from Tokyo,  which I was so accustomed to living in for decades until I passed 80 years old.   I visited Dr. Ono’s Office in Shibuya to receive acupuncture treatments for 20 years before and after moving.  I used to suffer from pain in my back and knees, but now, I am able to visit him alone, thanks to his proper treatments every time.  I am always looking forward to receiving his kind and great care.  I would like to continue my trips between Sendai and Tokyo for a while.

Yoshiko Ushio
Kazuko Sato

As if I were not a cancer patient (Kazuko Sato)

I am a cancer patient who has been given less than a year and two months (April 12th) to live.  I have come for Dr. Ono’s acupuncture treatments for about 27 years.  I used to come here when I could not get enough sleep due to exhaustion, etc., but now for the cancer, my body is strained more. When I arrive home after Doctor’s (acupuncture) treatments, I feel very good as if I were not a patient with cancer.  It does not last forever, though I am able to perform normal activities for 4 or 5 days.  It seems like Doctor brings out my natural healing powers very well.  I can live cheerfully when I do not feel any pain or suffering.  The pain is really removed immediately.  If I did not know him, I would have had to spend the rest of my life suffering.  I really want to tell suffering people how delightful it is to get rid of pain and suffering.

So amazingly relieved (Masayuki Ishiguro)

One day, I could not bend my back or walk properly due to pain.  I came to know about Doctor Ono and began to come to his Office.  Doctor Ono is truly my lifesaver.  I can get so amazingly relieved.
Masayuki Ishiguro
Rie Murakami

Easy feeling on my way back home (Rie Murakami)

Since my childhood, I have suffered from pain in my shoulders.  I had tried various types of treatments, but none worked well for me, and I had many painful days.  Since my friend introduced me to Doctor Ono 15 years ago, I have been visiting his Office with my husband who has backaches.  My backaches and headaches are sometimes so heavy that I hate even talking.  In such times, I feel pain walking up the Dougenzaka to his Office, but after the treatments, I get so relieved and feel so good that I often get surprised with myself.  I really appreciate his work and I would like to continue receiving his treatments.

No need for half a month rest any more (Hideki Kimura)

I have a weakness in my body.  That is, when physical and mental exhaustion surpasses a certain point, due to excessive eating and drinking and/or long working hours, my body begins to lean to the left side.  After a while, a screaming backache starts, and it prevents me from sitting, getting up, or walking.  When I went to the orthopedics, my back was fixed with a corset, I took painkillers, and I needed to take a rest.  I had to take a rest for 2-3 weeks in the worst cases.  Yet, after I started Dr. Ono’s acupuncture treatments, the pain was gone right after and I could be freed from the corset.  Now, I would like to receive his treatments regularly so as to be able to strengthen my body.
Hideki Kimura
Shouzo Kuruma

3 year chronic gastric pain improved (Shouzo Kuruma)

I was beginning to think that “This may never be cured….” 

I had my first symptoms when I was 29 years old.  I was sleeping at night, and all of a sudden, I had such an acute stomachache that I could have lost consciousness.  I endured the pain that night, and a few days later, I underwent endoscope examination at a nearby hospital, but there was no finding.  I could not accept the result because the pain was so heavy. 

Since then, I got a pain continuously, regardless of being full or hungry.  I tried various hospitals and various medicines.  I continued to take medicines for more than 2 years, but there was no effective result that I could perceive.  When I was 32 years old, I moved to Osaka for work, leaving my family behind, and the symptoms got worse.  In addition to living away from my family in an unfamiliar place, my work was very hard and the mental and physical exhaustion was increasing, which worsened my stomach problems.  I feared that I would not even be able to live normally if I had to continue such a life, so I decided to take leave for a while. 

I made up my mind to go to a so-called prestigious hospital, even expecting some excessive costs.  I went to consult with a famous private university hospital.  However, the result was “no findings.”  Furthermore, they said, “The feeling of pain varies depending upon the person,” which was a statement that gave me absolutely no comfort. 

“I might not be able to recover….”

Around the time I started to think that way, I was searching about stomach diseases on the Internet and found that there were lots of voices saying that Oriental medicine healed problems.  Many especially mentioned that acupuncture was effective.  I had never experienced acupuncture treatments before, and I doubted its effectiveness.  Moreover, it does not qualify for the health insurance excluding the cases of car accidents, and I was worried about the costs.  However, I was desperate as the university hospital could not even cure it and I had no other way. 

I searched for acupuncture clinics on the Internet for a while, and I found that the Chinese Acupuncture Office looked impressive.  It was because its homepage stated its treatment policy and I could feel sympathy; Dr. Ono seemed like a nice person from his photo; there was a catch copy that said he was selected as one of the World’s 100 Best Doctors; and I liked his diaries from Monaco.  I thought that he might be a good doctor as he was exposing himself quite a bit on the web. 

Yet, it was my first experience to get acupuncture treatments.  I still had some fear to be pinned in my body.  Anyway, I visited his Office.  Dr. Ono was very friendly as he looked in his homepage photo.  He listened to my story about my medical history and stomach conditions as well as my work, and said, “You are a bit too serious.  You need to relax more.”  I felt so relieved with his words.  And I received his acupuncture treatments.  I did not feel the pain of needles that much.  Doctor said, “It will take some time to recover as it has long been left in a strained condition.”  It would take 3-4 months to be completely cured, according to him, and I decided to trust his words and to continue his treatments.

I saw some effects in about the second week after I started his treatments.  Apparently, my gastric pain started to diminish and I began to feel light.  It was more effective than any other medicines that I had taken, and I felt strong about the treatments.  Also, the costs of the treatments were lower than expected, since he provided coupon tickets and a discount ticket once a month. 

Five months passed since I started the treatments.  It took a little longer, but the stomach pain was almost gone and I could go back to work again.  Since then, I still take treatments once a month when I have exhaustion from my busy work.  Every time I take them, I feel so good that nowadays, acupuncture becomes a reward for me having worked hard. 

As we are in a stressful era, I imagine that there are those who have trouble with their stomachs and intestines.  Also, similar to me, there should be those who still suffer with the hospital treatments.  They really should take Dr. Ono’s treatments.  Those who have light symptoms would realize the effectiveness with only a few treatments, and those who have heavy ones as I did would also recover with continuous treatments. 

By the way, I want to give you a tip when you take Dr. Ono’s treatments.  He is so friendly that he is ready to listen to my troubles at work and he also talks about something like the situation of acupuncture in the United States, etc., beyond giving me treatments.  He actually likes talking!  In such a case, you should even cut off his story and tell him about your problems and symptoms without any hesitation!

Doctor Ono's ties with Monaco (Michele)

Concerning the patients you treated in Monaco, Mahin told me to write some lines for you to explain how these patients felt after having been treated by you.

"Doctor Ono's ties with Monaco started with Mahin, a Monaco resident, now also a close friend. Mahin met Doctor Ono in Japan 6 years ago and since then she has been very regular in receiving treatment from him, every year, in Monaco or Japan, much to her satisfaction. She first went to him when in Tokyo as she heard he was the first-class acupunctor in the country. Needless to say that over the years he has managed to successfully treat her stress, neck pain and digestion difficulties.

Some other Monaco patients, eager to find a true solution to their health problems, who were short-time sucessful with their treatment with Doctor Ono, are the following:
Mrs Teissonniere, an elderly woman, suffering from serious general immune-system weakness, who found again strength and stamina with her two-week treatment with Doctor Ono involving no other medication than acupuncture in its simplest form.
Mr Teissonniere, her husband, finding comfort with Doctor Ono's needles treatment, i.e. relief from leg pain stopping him from taking long walks".

This list is not exhaustive as it does not include all the patients you treated in Monaco, of course. These are the only patients I know about.


My skin is clearer and Iam sleeping much better (Doug)

Dr. Ono's treatments have been very beneficial to me. I had stiffness in my shoulders and in my arms from sitting at a desk in front of my computer all day which has been greatly improved since I started seeing Dr. Ono. My general health is better, my skin is clearer and I am sleeping much better. Dr. Ono is very professional, his treatment is gentle and his English is perfect. I highly recommend Dr. Ono to anyone who is looking for improved health and well being.

I hope you get better and recover your smiles! (Chan So-Nyong)

How do you do!  I am Chan So-Nyong, from Korea.  Five years have passed since I started to live in Japan.  What I can’t forget about is the backache that I got all of a sudden one day in my second year in Japan.  It was so painful to get up in the morning and it hurt too much to bend my back. 

I did not imagine that since then, I would have mentally and physically hard days because of my backache for 3 years.  I was expecting that it would be cured soon, because I was completely healthy, but I actually went to the orthopedics for more than 2 years.

I did not have any idea about the cause, and I went to the hospital to get an examination and CT scan, but they said they did not find any abnormality.  I also tried acupuncture at several places, but there was no sign that I was being cured; the pain was rather getting worse.

Due to my backaches, my marriage life was terrible.  I was always irritated and I could not even smile at my husband.  I felt bad for my husband and I could not even be sure about having babies. 

I made up my mind to quit my job and take acupuncture back in Korea.  I went to the clinic four times a week for two months, and my back was getting better.  However, it was hard for me to be separate from the husband I just got married to. 

After that, I came back to Japan, but I could not see any indication of recovery from the pain once I stopped the treatment.  I might have had to get treatments for a long term.  As it costs a lot to go back to Korea and I did not like to stay away from my husband, I began to search for a good doctor again in Japan. 

One day, I found the Chinese Acupuncture Office on the internet.  I thought the doctor would be Chinese, but I found a Japanese doctor working there.  I was so skeptical as to think that it might be similar to other places.  However, while I was waiting, I saw him in a picture studying in China and him with his foreign ballerina patient in another picture, which gave me a good impression. 

One week after his first treatment, I noticed that I did not have much pain in my back, even though I was always annoyed with back pain.  “It seems to be cured.”  And I went to get another treatment one week later, and I got surprised because most of the pain was gone!  It was just truly surprising to me since I heard that I would need a long-term treatment.

Since then, starting with my husband, who had trouble with shoulder pain, I am recommending my friends to the Doctor.  I did not feel serious about the backache when others suffered until I actually got the same problem.  Now, I finally understand that health is the most important thing and that with bad health, even smiles would be gone. 

I imagine that those who read this may be suffering as I used to.  I wish them to recover soon and get their smiles back.

In conclusion, I really appreciate the Doctor’s care for my horrible backache.  Thank you so much.  Take care of yourself.
Chan So-Nyong