The Monaco Diaries
Over the 18 days between May 15th and June 1st, I was privileged to conduct my third extensive acupuncture demonstration in Monaco.  This time I brought a special acupuncture bed from Tokyo, and arrived in Monaco equipped and ready to demonstrate the wonders of acupuncture!

It was 8pm when I arrived after my long flight from Tokyo to Nice via Paris.  My American-made Earthlite bed, specially modified for use in acupuncture, fit perfectly in the trunk of an S-Class taxicab which picked me up at the airport.  Now I was ready to relax in the roomy back seat of the cab and enjoy the wonderful 40minute drive from Nice to Monaco!  Though the hour had reached 9pm, I was surprised to find that it was still light out.  This would never happen in Japan!  As we descended into Monaco on the highway, the beautiful scenery reminded me of the Hakone Turnpike at sunset, one of my favorite roads in Japan.  Following the footsteps of my previous visits, I stopped by the demonstration venue at the Beau-Rivage in order to drop off my acupuncture bed before heading to the Monaco Ville, where I was to be hosted during my stay.  The hour had reached 10pm by now, but there was still plenty of light in the evening sky.

After a good night's rest, I was ready to get to work the following morning.  The busses are wonderful in Monaco, and during my stay I commuted every morning from the Monaco Ville to the Beau-Rivage by bus.  Because some of the patients from my previous visits had advertised the event through invitations and word of mouth, my three week demonstration was filled to capacity with reservations.  There is nothing so uplifting as to be greeted on the first day of a demonstration by the thunderous applause of a full room!

There was a wide range of patients waiting to be treated at the demonstration, all with different lifestyles, livelihoods and of course, symptoms.  Furthermore, since the duration of my stay was longer this time, each patient was able to undergo several sessions over the period of three weeks.  For example, one of these patients, Mr. Fringant, the Chamberlain of His Highness Prince Albert of Monaco, had suffered for some years from a chronic illness.  I was able to treat him three separate times during my stay.  Mr. Fringant was surprised at the instant results he experienced, and proclaimed how happy he was to feel such great relief for such a long standing and deeply troubling illness. 

Mr. Jean Pierre of the prominent Pastor family, with tremendous influence throughout the economic sector of Monaco, was also suffering from a chronic symptom.  He returned for two separate treatments and experienced such dramatic improvement in his condition that upon his second visit he brought members of his family to be treated for their various illnesses as well.

In addition to such prominent citizens of Monaco, professional performers such as violinists, pianists and ballerinas also came to find relief from the conditions they experienced due to their work.  Treating these professionals reminded me once again how hard they push their bodies in order to attain the quality they seek in their art.  Musicians tended to have trouble in their hands and elbows, while ballerinas had chronic pain in their backs, hips and knees.  These problems were not of the variety that could be treated with surgery, and most of the symptoms were barely being subdued with regular massage treatment and painkiller medication.  These patients were shocked and overjoyed at the immediate relief they felt with acupuncture treatment.  Needless to say, they went home deeply satisfied!

On the last day of the demonstration, I was honored by Mr. and Mrs. Fringant, who presented me with a photo and medal from His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, The Sovereign Prince of Monaco, who is of course a major sponsor of athletic, artistic and cultural affairs throughout Monaco.

This event reminded me of how strongly the world is seeking medical treatment that does not rely on surgery, and which is not tinged by the dangerous side effects of pharmaceutical medication.  Indeed, there is a palpable movement even within the Western medical system to incorporate more and more Eastern methods of treatment.  Among those who attended the three week acupuncture demonstration, there was a unanimous voice to the effect that, gthough it was their first experience with acupuncture, the degree of relief attained without harmful drugs, even after a single acupuncture session, was so tremendous and instant that they sincerely hope it will be incorporated into the medical system and become the new standard in Western Medicine.h  Of course this has been my longstanding wish as well.  I feel that creating a new global medical standard that incorporates the ancient wisdom of acupuncture is nothing less than my mission in life.  Indeed, it is the subject of my daily effort and passion!

I am deeply satisfied with the high standard of exchange that was attained at this third extended acupuncture demonstration in Monaco.  Many people from Monaco, as well as other countries, were able to come and experience the wonderful benefits of acupuncture.

I would like to give a special thanks to my patients, whose efforts have made this wonderful event possible for three consecutive years.  In addition, this event could not have happened without the support of Seirin Inc. and Takachiho Medical Inc., to whom I want to express my deepest gratitude.

While I am filled with thanks towards everyone who made this event possible, I am also filled anew with a burning motivation to see the incorporation of acupuncture in a new global standard of medicine. 

Junji Ono

I almost forgot to mention that the Monaco Grand Prix Formula One race was won by Fernando Alonso of the Renault team.  The pleasure and excitement of seeing the race unfold along the Monaco Harbor which lay right below my eyes still remains in my heart and mind as if it were the lingering taste of sublime nectar!
I can not help but wonderc who will win it next year?

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